Hi! I'm too lazy to deal with this site right now, but I'll leave it up for you to peruse if you want. 

I'm no longer a graduate student -- I left with my master's and went back to work at Google. Life is good.


My name is Elena Spitzer. I am currently was a PhD student in the Philosophy Department at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Graduate Fellow at the Center for Complexity and Collective Computation at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. 

My research interests include humanistic applications of machine learning and natural language processing, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, and the theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence. 
I'm getting a PhD minor in computer science, and I take as many CS classes as I have time for. I'm currently trying to get a computer to recognize philosophers' intuition-talk. You can read a bit more about the project here. Wish me luck!

I am also very interested in the underrepresentation of women in philosophy -- this page includes some resources I've made or collected over time.

Ever wondered what non-philosophers think of philosophers? Me too! See this page for some insight. 

In some of my spare time, I am a co-boss for Nerd Nite Madison.

Before graduate school I worked at Google